class kqcircuits.elements.meander.Meander[source]

Bases: Element

The PCell declaration for a meandering waveguide.

Defined by two points, total length and number of meanders.

The start and end points can be moved in GUI using the “Move”-tool. Alternatively, if a list of [x, y] coordinates is given for start and end, the GUI markers will not be shown. The latter is useful for code-generated cells that cannot be edited in the GUI.

By default, the number of meanders is automatically chosen to minimize the area taken by bounding box of the meander. Uses the same bending radius as the underlying waveguide. Equidistant airbridges can be placed in the meander using n_bridges parameter.


default implementation


default implementation


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • start (Shape) - Start, default=-600,0

  • end (Shape) - End, default=600,0

  • length (Double) - Length, default=3000, unit=μm

  • meanders (Int) - Number of meanders (non-positive means automatic), default=-1

  • n_bridges (Int) - Number of bridges, default=0

  • ground_grid_in_trace (Boolean) - Add ground grid also to the waveguide, default=False