class kqcircuits.qubits.double_pads_splines.DoublePadsSplines[source]

Bases: DoublePads

A two-island qubit, consisting of two spline-constructed islands shunted by a junction, with one capacitive coupler.

Contains a coupler on the north edge and two separate qubit islands in the center joined by a junction or SQUID loaded from another library. Refpoint for a readout line at the opening to the coupler and a modifiable refpoint for a driveline outside of the rectangle.

PCell parameters:

  • island_spline (List) - Control points of a B-Spline that defines left half of the island, default=[-250, 20, -250, 80, -100, 100, 0, 100]

  • island_spline_samples (Int) - Number of samples taken from each island spline. There is a spline for each consequent series of four control points, default=100