kqcircuits.util.export_helper.generate_probepoints_json(cell, face='1t1')[source]
kqcircuits.util.export_helper.flip(point, origin=0, 0)[source]

Gets correct flip chip coordinates by setting a new origin and mirroring point by the y-axis.


Creates directory into TMP_PATH or removes its content if it exists. Returns directory path.


Tries to return active layout in GUI or returns new layout when running standalone.

kqcircuits.util.export_helper.write_commit_reference_file(path: pathlib.Path)[source]

Writes file COMMIT_REFERENCE into given file path. The file includes current git revision number. If git repository is not found in given path, no file is written.


Tries to open file with Klayout. If Klayout is not found, opens file with operating system’s default application. Implementation supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.