class kqcircuits.simulations.xmons_direct_coupling_full_chip_sim.XMonsDirectCouplingFullChipSim(layout, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Simulation

Initialize a Simulation.

The initializer parses parameters, creates a top cell, and then calls self.build to create the simulation geometry, followed by self.create_simulation_layers to process the geometry so it is ready for exporting.


layout – the layout on which to create the simulation

Keyword Arguments:


Any parameter can be passed as a keyword argument.

In addition, cell can be passed as keyword argument. If cell is supplied, it will be used as the top cell for the simulation. Otherwise, a new cell will be created. See Simulation.from_cell for creating simulations from existing cells.

produce_waveguide(path, term1=0, term2=0, turn_radius=None)[source]
produce_qubit(qubit_cell, center_x, center_y=5000.0, name=None)[source]
produce_readout_resonator(pos_start, end_y, length)[source]
produce_launcher(pos, direction)[source]

Wrapper function for launcher PCell placement at pos with direction, name and width.

produce_launchers_SMA8(enabled=['WS', 'WN', 'ES', 'EN', 'SW', 'SE', 'NW', 'NE'])[source]

Produces enabled launchers for SMA8 sample holder default locations


enabled – List of enabled standard launchers from set (“WS”, “WN”, “ES”, “EN”, “SW”, “SE”, “NW”, “NE”)


launchers PCells added to the class parent cell.


launchers dictionary, where keys are launcher names and values are tuples of (point, heading, distance from chip edge)


Build simulation geometry.

This method is to be overridden, and the overriding method should create the geometry to be simulated and add any ports to self.ports.

PCell parameters:

  • qubit_spacing (Double) - Qubit spacing, default=10, unit=μm

  • arm_width_a (Double) - Qubit A and C arm width, default=24, unit=μm

  • arm_width_b (Double) - Qubit B arm width, default=24, unit=μm

  • enable_flux_lines (Boolean) - To flux or not to flux, default=True

  • enable_drive_lines (Boolean) - To drive or not to drive, default=True

  • enable_transmission_line (Boolean) - To transmit?, default=True