kqcircuits.simulations.export.simulation_export.copy_content_into_directory(source_paths: list, path: pathlib.Path, folder)[source]

Create a folder and copy the contents of the source folders into it

  • source_paths – list of source directories from which to copy content

  • path – path where the new folder will be created

  • folder – name of the new folder

kqcircuits.simulations.export.simulation_export.get_post_process_command_lines(post_process, path, json_filenames)[source]

Return post process command line calls as string. Can be used in construction of .bat or .sh script files.

  • post_process – List of PostProcess objects, a single PostProcess object, or None to be executed after simulations

  • path – simulation folder path

  • json_filenames – list of paths to simulation json files


Command lines as string

kqcircuits.simulations.export.simulation_export.export_simulation_oas(simulations, path: pathlib.Path, file_prefix='simulation')[source]

Write single OASIS file containing all simulations in list.

kqcircuits.simulations.export.simulation_export.sweep_simulation(layout, sim_class, sim_parameters, sweeps)[source]

Create simulation sweep by varying one parameter at time. Return list of simulations.

kqcircuits.simulations.export.simulation_export.cross_sweep_simulation(layout, sim_class, sim_parameters, sweeps)[source]

Create simulation sweep by cross varying all parameters. Return list of simulations.