class kqcircuits.elements.airbridges.airbridge.Airbridge[source]

Bases: Element

Airbridge base class without actual produce function.

All subclasses should have ports ‘a’ and ‘b’ at positions (0, bridge_length) and (0, -bridge_length).

default_type = 'Airbridge Rectangular'

This is the default shape if not specified otherwise by the user.

classmethod create(layout, library=None, airbridge_type=None, **parameters)[source]

Create cell for an airbridge in layout.


default implementation

PCell parameters:

  • airbridge_type (String) - Airbridge type, default=Airbridge Rectangular, choices=['Airbridge Rectangular', 'Airbridge Multi Face']

  • bridge_width (Double) - Bridge width, default=20, unit=μm

  • pad_length (Double) - Pad length, default=18, unit=μm

  • bridge_length (Double) - Bridge length (from pad to pad), default=44, unit=μm