class kqcircuits.elements.finger_capacitor_square.FingerCapacitorSquare[source]

Bases: kqcircuits.elements.element.Element

The PCell declaration for a square finger capacitor.

Two ports with reference points. The arm leading to the finger has the same width as fingers. The feedline has the same length as the width of the ground gap around the coupler.


default implementation


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.


Returns the ground region for the finger capacitor.

cut_region(region, x_max, y_max)[source]
add_waveguides(region, x_end, y_left, y_right)[source]
PCell parameters:

  • a2 (Double) - Non-physical value ‘-1’ means that the default size ‘a’ is used., default=-1, unit=μm

  • b2 (Double) - Non-physical value ‘-1’ means that the default size ‘b’ is used., default=-1, unit=μm

  • finger_gap_end (Double) - Gap between the finger and other pad, default=3, unit=μm

  • ground_padding (Double) - Ground plane padding, default=20, unit=μm

  • fixed_length (Double) - Fixed length of element, 0 for auto-length, default=0, unit=μm

  • ground_gap_ratio (Double) - Ground connection width per gap ratio, default=0, unit=μm

  • a (Double) - Width of center conductor, default=10, unit=μm

  • b (Double) - Width of gap, default=6, unit=μm

  • n (Int) - Number of points on turns, default=64

  • r (Double) - Turn radius, default=100, unit=μm

  • margin (Double) - Margin of the protection layer, default=5, unit=μm

  • face_ids (List) - Chip face IDs list, default=['1t1', '2b1', '1b1', '2t1']

  • display_name (String) - Name displayed in GUI (empty for default), default=

  • protect_opposite_face (Boolean) - Add opposite face protection too, default=False

  • finger_number (Int) - Number of fingers, default=5

  • finger_width (Double) - Width of a finger, default=5, unit=μm

  • finger_gap (Double) - Gap between the fingers, default=3, unit=μm

  • finger_length (Double) - Length of the fingers, default=20, unit=μm

  • corner_r (Double) - Corner radius, default=2, unit=μm