class kqcircuits.test_structures.junction_test_pads.junction_test_pads.JunctionTestPads[source]

Bases: TestStructure

Base class for junction test structures.

default_type = 'Junction Test Pads Simple'
produce_squid(transf, only_arms=False, **parameters)

Produces the squid.

Creates the squid cell and inserts it with the given transformation as a subcell. Also inserts the squid parts in “base_metal_gap_wo_grid”-layer to “base_metal_gap_for_EBL”-layer. It also returns a right_side refpoint, calculated from base_metal_gap_wo_grid layer’s bounding box to help with arm_length calculation in JunctionTestPads.

  • transf (DCplxTrans) – squid transformation

  • parameters – other parameters for the squid

  • only_arms – Boolean argument that allows to choose whether to create the arms and the squid device or only the arms


Relative refpoints for the squid

Return type:


classmethod create(layout, library=None, junction_test_pads_type=None, **parameters)[source]

Create a JunctionTestPads cell in layout.


default implementation

PCell parameters:

  • pad_width (Double) - Pad width, default=500, unit=μm

  • area_height (Double) - Area height, default=1900, unit=μm

  • area_width (Double) - Area width, default=1300, unit=μm

  • junctions_horizontal (Boolean) - Horizontal (True) or vertical (False) junctions, default=True

  • pad_spacing (Double) - Spacing between different pad pairs, default=100, unit=μm

  • only_pads (Boolean) - Only produce pads, no junctions, default=False

  • pad_configuration (String) - Pad configuration, default=2-port, choices=['2-port', '4-port']

  • junction_width_steps (List) - Automatically generate junction widths [start, step], default=[0, 0], unit=μm, μm

  • junction_widths (List) - Override the junction widths with these values., default=[]

  • junction_test_pads_type (String) - Type of junction test pads, default=Junction Test Pads Simple, choices=['Junction Test Pads Simple']

  • junction_test_pads_parameters (String) - Extra JunctionTestPads Parameters, default={}

  • _junction_test_pads_parameters (String) - Previous state of *_parameters, default={}

  • mirror_squid (Boolean) - Mirror SQUID by its Y axis, default=False

  • junction_type (String) - Junction Type, default=Manhattan, choices=['No Squid', 'Manhattan', 'Manhattan Single Junction', 'Sim']

  • junction_width (Double) - Junction width (only used for code generated element), default=0.02, unit=μm

  • junction_parameters (String) - Extra Junction Parameters, default={}

  • _junction_parameters (String) - Previous state of *_parameters, default={}

  • loop_area (Double) - Loop area, default=100, unit=μm^2

  • a (Double) - Width of center conductor, default=10, unit=μm

  • b (Double) - Width of gap, default=6, unit=μm

  • n (Int) - Number of points on turns, default=64

  • r (Double) - Turn radius, default=100, unit=μm

  • margin (Double) - Margin of the protection layer, default=5, unit=μm

  • face_ids (List) - Chip face IDs list, default=['1t1', '2b1', '1b1', '2t1']

  • display_name (String) - Name displayed in GUI (empty for default), default=

  • protect_opposite_face (Boolean) - This applies only on signal carrying elements that typically include some metal between gaps., default=False

  • opposing_face_id_groups (List) - Opposing face ID groups (list of lists), default=[['1t1', '2b1']]

  • etch_opposite_face (Boolean) - Etch avoidance shaped gap on the opposite face too, default=False

  • etch_opposite_face_margin (Double) - Margin of the opposite face etch shape, default=5, unit=μm

  • finger_overshoot (Double) - Length of fingers after the junction., default=1.0, unit=μm

  • include_base_metal_gap (Boolean) - Include base metal gap layer, default=True

  • shadow_margin (Double) - Shadow layer margin near the the pads, default=1.0, unit=μm

  • compact_geometry (Boolean) - Compact geometry for metal addition., default=False

  • separate_junctions (Boolean) - Junctions to separate layer, default=False

  • offset_compensation (Double) - Junction lead offset from junction width, default=0, unit=μm

  • mirror_offset (Boolean) - Move the junction lead offset to the other lead, default=False

  • finger_overlap (Double) - Length of fingers inside the pads, default=0.2, unit=μm

  • single_junction (Boolean) - Disable the second junction, default=False