class kqcircuits.qubits.swissmon.Swissmon[source]

Bases: kqcircuits.qubits.qubit.Qubit

The PCell declaration for a Swissmon qubit.

Swissmon type qubit. Each arm (West, North, East, South) has it’s own arm gap width (gap_width) and arm metal width (arm_width). SQUID is loaded from another library. Option of having fluxline. Refpoints for 3 couplers, fluxline position and chargeline position. Length between the ports is from waveguide port to the rectangular part of the launcher pad. Length of the fingers is also used for the length of the launcher pad.


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • arm_length (List) - Arm length (um, WNES)), default=[150.0, 150.0, 150.0, 150.0]

  • arm_width (List) - Arm metal width (um, WNES), default=[24, 24, 24, 24]

  • gap_width (List) - Arm gap width (um, WNES), default=[12, 12, 12, 12]

  • cpl_width (List) - Coupler width (um, WNE), default=[24, 24, 24]

  • cpl_length (List) - Coupler lengths (um, WNE), default=[120, 120, 120]

  • cpl_gap (List) - Coupler gap (um, WNE), default=[102, 102, 102]

  • port_width (List) - Port width (um, WNE), default=[10, 10, 10]

  • cl_offset (List) - Chargeline offset (um, um), default=[200, 200]

  • island_r (Double) - Center island rounding radius, default=5, unit=μm