kqcircuits.simulations.single_element_simulation.get_single_element_sim_class(element_class: Element, ignore_ports: List[str] | None = None, transformation_from_center: Callable[[Cell], DTrans] | None = None) Type[Simulation][source]

Formulates a simulation class containing a single cell of a given Element class

  • element_class – an Element class for which a simulation class is returned

  • ignore_ports – If list of strings is given, simulation ports will not be created for the given refpoints in the simulation class.

  • transformation_from_center – If None, simulated element is placed in the middle of simulation’s box. Otherwise should be a function that takes an element cell as argument and returns a DTrans object. The returned transformation is applied to the element cell after placing it in the middle of simulation’s box. The function should not cause any side-effects, i.e. change the cell parameters