class kqcircuits.elements.chip_frame.ChipFrame[source]

Bases: Element

The PCell declaration for a chip frame.

The chip frame consists of a dicing edge, and labels and markers in the corners.


Produces dicing edge, markers, labels and ground grid for the chip face.

PCell parameters:

  • box (Shape) - Bounding box of the chip frame, default=(0,0;10000,10000)

  • dice_width (Double) - Dicing width, default=200, unit=μm

  • dice_grid_margin (Double) - Margin of the ground grid avoidance layer for dicing edge, default=100

  • name_mask (String) - Name of the mask, default=M000

  • name_chip (String) - Name of the chip, default=CTest

  • name_copy (String) - Name of the copy, default=None

  • name_brand (String) - Name of the brand, default=IQM

  • text_margin (Double) - Margin of the ground grid avoidance layer around the text, default=100

  • marker_dist (Double) - Distance of markers from closest edges of the chip face, default=1500

  • diagonal_squares (Int) - Number of diagonal squares for the markers, default=10

  • use_face_prefix (Boolean) - Use face prefix for chip name label, default=False

  • marker_types (List) - Marker type for each chip corner, clockwise starting from lower left, default=['Marker Standard', 'Marker Standard', 'Marker Standard', 'Marker Standard']

  • chip_dicing_width (Double) - Width of the chip dicing reference line, default=10.0, unit=µm

  • chip_dicing_line_length (Double) - Length of the chip dicing reference line, default=100.0, unit=µm

  • chip_dicing_gap_length (Double) - Gap between two chip dicing reference dashes, default=50.0, unit=µm

  • chip_dicing_in_base_metal (Boolean) - Insert chip dicing lines in base metal addition, default=False