class kqcircuits.chips.single_xmons.SingleXmons[source]

Bases: kqcircuits.chips.chip.Chip

The PCell declaration for a SingleXmons chip.

The SingleXmons chip has 6 qubits, which are coupled by readout resonators to the same feedline. The feedline crosses the center of the chip horizontally. Half of the qubits are above the feedline and half are below it. For each qubit, there is a chargeline connected to a launcher, but no fluxline. There can optionally be four test resonators between the qubits.


A dictionary where the keys are names of the launchers and values are tuples whose first elements are positions of the launchers.


A tuple where each element contains the refpoints for one of the qubits. The qubits are ordered such that 0,1,2 are the upper qubits (from left to right), while 3,4,5 are the lower qubits (from left to right).


Produces a SingleXmons PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • readout_res_lengths (List) - Readout resonator lengths (six resonators), default=[5000, 5100, 5200, 5300, 5400, 5500]

  • use_test_resonators (Boolean) - Use test resonators, default=True

  • test_res_lengths (List) - Test resonator lengths (four resonators), default=[5200, 5400, 5600, 5800]

  • n_fingers (List) - Number of fingers for test resonator couplers, default=[4, 4, 2, 4]

  • l_fingers (List) - Length of fingers for test resonator couplers, default=[23.1, 9.9, 14.1, 10, 21]

  • type_coupler (List) - Coupler type for test resonator couplers, default=['interdigital', 'interdigital', 'interdigital', 'gap']

  • junction_type (String) - Junction Type, default=Manhattan, choices=['NoSquid', 'Manhattan', 'Manhattan Single Junction', 'Sim']