kqcircuits.util.coupler_lib.cap_params(fingers, length=None, coupler_type='interdigital', element_key='cls', **kwargs)[source]

An utility function to easily produce typical finger capacitor instance parameters. Covers FingerCapacitorSquare and SmoothCapacitor.

  • fingers – number of fingers in FingerCapacitorSquare or finger control parameter in SmoothCapacitor.

  • length – length of fingers in FingerCapacitorSquare (useless parameter in SmoothCapacitor)

  • coupler_type – a string describing the capacitor type (accepts “interdigital”, “gap”, “ground gap”, or “smooth”)

  • element_key – dictionary key in which coupler Element is returned (use ‘cls’=default with add_element function or ‘cell’ with insert_cell function)

  • **kwargs – other optional parameters


dictionary of coupler parameters