class kqcircuits.elements.launcher.Launcher[source]

Bases: kqcircuits.elements.element.Element

The PCell declaration for a launcher for connecting wirebonds.

Default wirebond direction to west, waveguide to east. Uses default ratio a and b for scaling the gap if a_launcher and b_launcher are not specified. Taper length is from waveguide port to the rectangular part of the launcher pad. Pad width is also used for the length of the launcher pad.


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • s (Double) - Pad width, default=300, unit=μm

  • l (Double) - Tapering length, default=300, unit=μm

  • a_launcher (Double) - Outer trace width, default=240, unit=μm

  • b_launcher (Double) - Outer gap width, default=144, unit=μm

  • launcher_frame_gap (Double) - Gap at chip frame, default=144, unit=μm

  • add_metal (Boolean) - Add trace in base metal addition too, default=False