class kqcircuits.elements.airbridges.airbridge_multi_face.AirbridgeMultiFace[source]

Bases: Airbridge

PCell declaration for a multi-face equivalent for an airbridge.

Origin is at the geometric center. The airbridge is in vertical direction.

Adds base metal on the second face and optionally creates bumps at both ends.

default_type = 'Airbridge Multi Face'

This is the default shape if not specified otherwise by the user.


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • include_bumps (Boolean) - Include bumps, default=True

  • bridge_width (Double) - Bridge width, default=40, unit=μm

  • pad_length (Double) - Pad length, default=40, unit=μm

  • a (Double) - Width of center conductor, default=10, unit=μm

  • b (Double) - Width of gap, default=6, unit=μm

  • n (Int) - Number of points on turns, default=64

  • r (Double) - Turn radius, default=100, unit=μm

  • margin (Double) - Margin of the protection layer, default=5, unit=μm

  • face_ids (List) - Chip face IDs list, default=['1t1', '2b1', '1b1', '2t1']

  • display_name (String) - Name displayed in GUI (empty for default), default=

  • protect_opposite_face (Boolean) - This applies only on signal carrying elements that typically include some metal between gaps., default=False

  • opposing_face_id_groups (List) - Opposing face ID groups (list of lists), default=[['1t1', '2b1']]

  • etch_opposite_face (Boolean) - Etch avoidance shaped gap on the opposite face too, default=False

  • etch_opposite_face_margin (Double) - Margin of the opposite face etch shape, default=5, unit=μm

  • ubm_diameter (Double) - Under-bump metalization diameter, default=40, unit=μm

  • bump_diameter (Double) - Bump diameter, default=25, unit=μm

  • airbridge_type (String) - Airbridge type, default=Airbridge Multi Face, choices=['Airbridge Multi Face']