class kqcircuits.chips.crossing_twoface.CrossingTwoface[source]

Bases: Chip

The PCell declaration for a CrossingTwoFace chip.

On the left side of the chip there is a straight vertical waveguide bottom face and a meandering waveguide crossing multiple times on the top face. There are transmission lines at different faces at the crossings. On the right side there is likewise a straight and a meandering waveguide, but they do not cross at any point.


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • crossings (Int) - Number of pairs of flip-chip crossings, default=3

  • crossing_length (Double) - Length of the crossing on the top face (μm), default=400, unit=μm

  • cross_talk_distance (Double) - Distance between the right straight transmission line and meander on the right (μm), default=300, unit=μm

  • meander_face (String) - Meander face on right side, default=single, choices=['Single', 'Two Face']

  • frames_enabled (List) - List of face ids (integers) for which a ChipFrame is drawn, default=[0, 1]