class kqcircuits.elements.waveguide_coplanar_splitter.WaveguideCoplanarSplitter[source]

Bases: Element

The PCell declaration of a multiway waveguide splitter. The number of ports is defined by the length of the parameter lists. Ports are labelled by letters starting from a


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

kqcircuits.elements.waveguide_coplanar_splitter.t_cross_parameters(a=10, b=6, a2=10, b2=6, length_extra=0, length_extra_side=0, **kwargs)[source]

A utility function to easily produce T-cross splitter (old WaveguideCoplanarTCross).

  • a – Width of center conductor

  • b – Width of gap

  • a2 – Center conductor width of the side waveguide

  • b2 – Gap of the side waveguide

  • length_extra – Extra length

  • length_extra_side – Extra length of the side waveguide


dictionary of parameters for WaveguideCoplanarSplitter

PCell parameters:

  • lengths (List) - Waveguide length per port, measured from origin, default=[11, 11, 11]

  • angles (List) - Angle of each port (degrees), default=[0, 180, 270]

  • use_airbridges (Boolean) - Use airbridges at a distance from the centre, default=False

  • bridge_distance (Double) - Bridges distance from centre, default=80

  • a_list (List) - List of center conductor widths for each port. If empty, self.a will be used for all ports instead. [μm], default=[], unit=[μm]

  • b_list (List) - List of gap widths for each port. If empty, self.b will be used for all ports instead. [μm], default=[], unit=[μm]

  • port_names (List) - Port names, default=['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', 'g', 'h', 'i', 'j']

  • airbridge_type (String) - Airbridge type, default=Airbridge Rectangular, choices=['Airbridge Rectangular', 'Airbridge Multi Face']