class kqcircuits.test_structures.test_structure.TestStructure[source]

Bases: Element

Base PCell declaration for test structures.

LIBRARY_NAME = 'Test Structure Library'
LIBRARY_DESCRIPTION = 'Superconducting quantum circuit library for test structures.'
LIBRARY_PATH = 'test_structures'
produce_pad(x, y, pads_region, pad_width, pad_height)[source]

Inserts a square pad shape to pads_region.

  • x – x-coordinate of the pad center

  • y – y-coordinate of the pad center

  • pads_region – Region to which the pad shape is inserted

  • pad_width – width (and height) of the pad

produce_four_point_pads(pads_region, pad_width, pad_height, pad_spacing_x, pad_spacing_y, connect_pads, trans=r0 0, 0, refpoint_prefix='probe', refpoint_distance=None)[source]

Inserts four pads to pads_region.

  • pads_region – Region to which the pad shapes are inserted

  • pad_width – width (and height) of the pads

  • pad_spacing_x – x-distance between the pads

  • pad_spacing_y – y-distance between the pads

  • connect_pads – Boolean determining if the two pads on each side are connected

  • trans – transformation applied to the pads

  • refpoint_prefix – prefix used for the refpoint names

  • refpoint_distance – Horizontal distance of refpoints from closest outer edges. If None, the refpoints will be at the center of the pads.

produce_etched_region(metal_region, pos, width, height)[source]

Produces structures in metal gap layer.

Subtracts metal_region from a region defined by width and height, and inserts resulting region to metal gap layer. Also adds grid avoidance for the area.

  • metal_region – region subtracted from the region in metal gap layer

  • pos – center of the produced region (pya.DPoint)

  • width – width of the produced region

  • height – height of the produced region