class kqcircuits.test_structures.tsv_test_pattern.TsvTestPattern[source]

Bases: TestStructure

PCell declaration for TSV test structures which resembles a TSV fencing for a CPW transmission line.

Contains a given number of TSVs in through silicon via-layer with given vertical, horizontal pitch, placeholder for CPW, diameter and the lateral profile of the TSV.


Child classes re-define this method to build the PCell.

PCell parameters:

  • cpw_distance (Double) - CPW Placeholder distance, default=100, unit=μm

  • hor_distance (Double) - Horizontal pitch on TSV, default=200, unit=μm

  • ver_distance (Double) - Vertical pitch on TSV, default=500, unit=μm

  • tsv_array_form (List) - TSV test layout, default=[2, 6, 6, 2, 6, 6, 2]

  • a (Double) - Width of center conductor, default=10, unit=μm

  • b (Double) - Width of gap, default=6, unit=μm

  • n (Int) - Number of points on turns, default=64

  • r (Double) - Turn radius, default=100, unit=μm

  • margin (Double) - Margin of the protection layer, default=5, unit=μm

  • face_ids (List) - Chip face IDs list, default=['1t1', '2b1', '1b1', '2t1']

  • display_name (String) - Name displayed in GUI (empty for default), default=

  • protect_opposite_face (Boolean) - This applies only on signal carrying elements that typically include some metal between gaps., default=False

  • opposing_face_id_groups (List) - Opposing face ID groups (list of lists), default=[['1t1', '2b1']]

  • etch_opposite_face (Boolean) - Etch avoidance shaped gap on the opposite face too, default=False

  • etch_opposite_face_margin (Double) - Margin of the opposite face etch shape, default=5, unit=μm

  • tsv_type (String) - TSV type, default=Tsv Standard, choices=['Tsv Standard', 'Tsv Ellipse']

  • tsv_diameter (Double) - TSV diameter, default=10, unit=μm

  • tsv_margin (Double) - TSV margin, default=30, unit=μm

  • tsv_elliptical_width (Double) - TSV elliptical width, default=30, unit=μm