Configuration file for KQCircuits.

Defines values for things such as default layers, paths, and layers used for different exports.

Layers have a name, ID and data type. For example "annotations": (220, 1).

KQCircuit layers are grouped by faces and functionality. The main geometry containing layer groups are: bottom 10-39, top 40-69 and ceiling 70-89. Simulation 90-99, layers are in either top or bottom faces. Layer ID’s 100-219 are reserved. Auxiliary layers 220-229 are not face dependent, they contain annotations, refpoints and other text fields.

In Klayout GUI these layers are organised in view groups according to faces. Simulation and text layer views are hidden by default. See https://www.klayout.de/doc-qt5/manual/layer_source.html

default_layers is a flat dictionary mapping layer names to corresponding pya.LayerInfo objects. While default_faces is a dictionary mapping ‘b’, ‘t’ and ‘c’ to an other dictionary, a subset of default_layers in the given face. With a minor twist: in these “face-dictionaries” the keys do not start with the face id, for example “b_base_metal_gap” becomes “base_metal_gap”.

Layer names should not start with -, this is reserved for marking exported layers to be inverted in mask_export_layers.


Returns the command (string) needed to run klayout executable in the current OS.