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# This code is part of KQCircuits
# Copyright (C) 2023 IQM Finland Oy
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
# warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see
# The software distribution should follow IQM trademark policy for open-source software
# ( IQM welcomes contributions to the code. Please see our contribution agreements
# for individuals ( and organizations (
import argparse
import logging
import sys
import subprocess
from os import listdir, chdir
from os.path import isfile, join
from pathlib import Path
from kqcircuits.simulations.export.export_and_run import export_and_run
from kqcircuits.simulations.export.export_singularity import export_singularity
from kqcircuits.simulations.export.remote_export_and_run import remote_export_and_run, remote_run_only
from kqcircuits.defaults import TMP_PATH, SCRIPTS_PATH, ROOT_PATH

logging.basicConfig(level=logging.WARN, stream=sys.stdout)

[docs] def argument_parser(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="KQC console scripts") subparser = parser.add_subparsers(dest="command") simulate_parser = subparser.add_parser( "sim", help="KQC simulation \ export and run script. Run and export with a single command!", ) mask_parser = subparser.add_parser("mask", help="Build KQC Mask.") singularity_parser = subparser.add_parser( "singularity", help="Build and push \ singularity image to remote host.", ) simulate_parser.add_argument("export_script", type=str, help="Name of the export script") simulate_parser.add_argument( "--export-path-basename", type=str, default=None, help="The export folder will be `TMP_PATH / Path(export_path_basename)`, \ if not given, then it will be `TMP_PATH / Path(args.export_script).stem`", ) simulate_parser.add_argument("-q", "--quiet", action="store_true", help="Quiet mode: No GUI") simulate_parser.add_argument( "-e", "--export-only", action="store_true", help="Do not run simulation, only export generated files." ) simulate_parser.add_argument( "--remote", action="store_true", help='Export and run the simulations at remote host "user@host"' ) simulate_parser.add_argument( "--remote-run-only", action="store_true", help='Run the simulation at remote host "user@host"' ) simulate_parser.add_argument("--kqc-remote-tmp-path", type=str, help="Path to the used tmp directory on remote") simulate_parser.add_argument( "--detach", action="store_true", help="Detach the remote simulation from terminal, not waiting for it to finish" ) simulate_parser.add_argument( "--poll-interval", type=int, help="Interval for polling the job state of remote simulation in seconds" ) mask_parser.add_argument("mask_script", type=str, help="Name of the mask script") mask_parser.add_argument( "-d", "--debug", action="store_true", help="Debug mode. Use a single process and " "print logs to standard output too.", ) mask_parser.add_argument( "-m", "--mock_chips", action="store_true", help="Replace all chips with empty frames for " "faster testing of the mask layout", ) mask_parser.add_argument("-s", "--skip_extras", action="store_true", help="Skip netlist and documentation export") mask_parser.add_argument("-c N", action="store_true", help="Limit the number of used CPUs to 'N'") singularity_parser.add_argument("--build", action="store_true", help="build singularity image locally") singularity_parser.add_argument( "--push", type=str, help='Destination of the export "user@host:dir"\ if left empty the defaults from .remote_profile.txt will be used', ) singularity_parser.add_argument( "--singularity-remote-path", type=str, help="Installation path for the singularity image on remote" ) return parser, subparser
[docs] def run_kqc(args, args_for_script): if args.command == "sim": if args.export_script == "ls": simdir = Path(SCRIPTS_PATH / "simulations") for f in listdir(simdir): if isfile(join(simdir, f)): print(f) return True if args.remote: remote_host = str(args.export_script) remote_export_and_run( remote_host, args.kqc_remote_tmp_path, args.detach, args.poll_interval, args.export_path_basename, args_for_script, ) return True if args.remote_run_only: remote_host = str(args.export_script) remote_run_only(remote_host, args.kqc_remote_tmp_path, args.detach, args.poll_interval, args_for_script) return True script_file = Path(args.export_script) if args.export_path_basename is not None: export_path = TMP_PATH / args.export_path_basename else: export_path = TMP_PATH / script_file.stem if not script_file.is_file(): script_file = Path(SCRIPTS_PATH / "simulations" / script_file) if not script_file.is_file(): logging.error(f"Export script not found at {args.export_script} or {script_file}") return True export_and_run(script_file, export_path, args.quiet, args.export_only, args_for_script) return True elif args.command == "mask": if args.mask_script == "ls": maskdir = Path(SCRIPTS_PATH / "masks") for f in listdir(maskdir): if isfile(join(maskdir, f)): print(f) return True script_file = Path(args.mask_script) if not script_file.is_file(): script_file = Path(SCRIPTS_PATH / "masks" / args.mask_script) if not script_file.is_file(): logging.error(f"Mask script not found at {args.mask_script} or {script_file}") return True if args.debug:[sys.executable, script_file, "-d"]) return True else: # Windows needs this for multiprocessing with open(script_file) as mask_file: exec( # pylint: disable=exec-used return True elif args.command == "singularity": if chdir(Path(ROOT_PATH / "singularity")) with open("", "r") as f: for line in f: if "export MPI_VERSION=" in line: mpi_v = line.partition("export MPI_VERSION=")[2].strip() print( ( f"Singularity will use MPI version {mpi_v}. " "Make sure this corresponds to the MPI version on the target machine\n" "MPI and other package versions used by singularity can be changed " "in the beginning of the /singularity/ script" ) ) break"./", shell=True) elif args.push is not None: export_singularity(args.push, args.singularity_remote_path) else: return False return True
[docs] def run(): """Main entry point for the KQC console command""" parser, _ = argument_parser() args, args_for_script = parser.parse_known_args() if not run_kqc(args, args_for_script): parser.print_usage()