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# This code is part of KQCircuits
# Copyright (C) 2021 IQM Finland Oy
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
# warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see
# The software distribution should follow IQM trademark policy for open-source software
# ( IQM welcomes contributions to the code. Please see our contribution agreements
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"""Functions for exporting mask sets."""
import json
import os
from importlib import import_module
from math import pi

import logging

from kqcircuits.chips.chip import Chip
from kqcircuits.defaults import (
from kqcircuits.elements.flip_chip_connectors.flip_chip_connector_dc import FlipChipConnectorDc
from kqcircuits.klayout_view import resolve_default_layer_info
from kqcircuits.pya_resolver import pya
from kqcircuits.util.area import get_area_and_density
from kqcircuits.util.count_instances import count_instances_in_cell
from kqcircuits.util.geometry_helper import circle_polygon
from kqcircuits.util.geometry_json_encoder import GeometryJsonEncoder
from kqcircuits.util.netlist_extraction import export_cell_netlist
from kqcircuits.util.export_helper import export_drc_report
from kqcircuits.util.replace_junctions import extract_junctions, get_tuned_junction_json

[docs] def export_mask_set(mask_set, skip_extras=False): """Exports the designs, bitmap and documentation for the mask_set.""" export_bitmaps(mask_set) export_designs(mask_set) if not skip_extras: export_docs(mask_set)
[docs] def export_designs(mask_set): """Exports .oas and .gds files of the mask_set.""" # export mask layouts for mask_layout in mask_set.mask_layouts: export_masks_of_face(mask_set._mask_set_dir, mask_layout, mask_set)
[docs] def export_chip(chip_cell, chip_name, chip_dir, layout, export_drc, alt_netlists=None, skip_extras=False): """Exports a chip used in a maskset.""" is_pcell = chip_cell.pcell_declaration() is not None # save data that is only available in pcell, not static cell if is_pcell: chip_class = type(chip_cell.pcell_declaration()) chip_params = chip_cell.pcell_parameters_by_name() # export .oas file with pcells (requires exporting a cell one hierarchy level above chip pcell) dummy_cell = layout.create_cell(chip_name) dummy_cell.insert(pya.DCellInstArray(chip_cell.cell_index(), pya.DTrans())) _export_cell(chip_dir / f"{chip_name}_with_pcells.oas", dummy_cell, "all") if not skip_extras and is_pcell: # Don't export junction parameters list if chip_cell is not pcell export_junction_parameters(dummy_cell, chip_dir / f"{chip_name}_junction_parameters.json") dummy_cell.delete() static_cell = layout.cell(layout.convert_cell_to_static(chip_cell.cell_index())) # save the chip .oas file with all layers and only containing static cells save_opts = pya.SaveLayoutOptions() save_opts.format = "OASIS" save_opts.write_context_info = False # to save all cells as static cells static_cell.write(str(chip_dir / f"{chip_name}.oas"), save_opts) if not skip_extras: # export netlist export_cell_netlist(static_cell, chip_dir / f"{chip_name}-netlist.json", chip_cell, alt_netlists) # calculate flip-chip bump count bump_count = count_instances_in_cell(chip_cell, FlipChipConnectorDc) # find layer areas and densities layer_areas_and_densities = {} for layer, area, density in zip(*get_area_and_density(static_cell)): if area != 0.0: layer_areas_and_densities[layer] = {"area": f"{area:.2f}", "density": f"{density * 100:.2f}"} # save auxiliary chip data into json-file chip_json = { "Chip class module": chip_class.__module__ if is_pcell else None, "Chip class name": chip_class.__name__ if is_pcell else None, "Chip parameters": chip_params if is_pcell else None, "Bump count": bump_count, "Layer areas and densities": layer_areas_and_densities, } with open(chip_dir / (chip_name + ".json"), "w") as f: json.dump(chip_json, f, cls=GeometryJsonEncoder, sort_keys=True, indent=4) # export .gds files for EBL or laser writer for cluster_name, layer_cluster in chip_export_layer_clusters.items(): # If the chip has no shapes in the main layers of the layer cluster, should not export the chip with # that layer cluster. export_layer_cluster = False for layer_name in layer_cluster.main_layers: shapes_iter = static_cell.begin_shapes_rec(layout.layer(default_layers[layer_name])) if not shapes_iter.at_end(): export_layer_cluster = True break if export_layer_cluster: # To transform the exported layer cluster chip correctly (e.g. mirroring for top chip), # an instance of the cell is inserted to a temporary cell with the correct transformation. # Was not able to get this working by just using static_cell.transform_into(). temporary_cell = layout.create_cell(chip_name) temporary_cell.insert( pya.DCellInstArray( static_cell.cell_index(), default_mask_parameters[layer_cluster.face_id]["chip_trans"] ) ) layers_to_export = {name: layout.layer(default_layers[name]) for name in layer_cluster.all_layers()} path = chip_dir / f"{chip_name}-{cluster_name}.gds" _export_cell(path, temporary_cell, layers_to_export) temporary_cell.delete() # export drc report for the chip if export_drc: export_drc_report(chip_name, chip_dir, export_drc) # delete the static cell which was only needed for export if static_cell.cell_index() != chip_cell.cell_index(): layout.delete_cell_rec(static_cell.cell_index())
[docs] def export_masks_of_face(export_dir, mask_layout, mask_set): """Exports masks for layers of a single face of a mask_set. Args: export_dir: directory for the face specific subdirectories mask_layout: MaskLayout object for the cell and face reference mask_set: MaskSet object for the name and version attributes to be included in the filename """ subdir_name_for_face = get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout) export_dir_for_face = _get_directory(export_dir / str(subdir_name_for_face)) # export .oas file with all layers path = export_dir_for_face / f"{get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout)}.oas" _export_cell(path, mask_layout.top_cell, "all") # export .oas files for individual optical lithography layers for layer_name in mask_layout.mask_export_layers: export_mask(export_dir_for_face, layer_name, mask_layout, mask_set) # Find area and density for the layers defined in mask_layout.mask_export_density_layers layer_infos = [ resolve_default_layer_info(layer_name, mask_layout.face_id) for layer_name in mask_layout.mask_export_density_layers ] area_data = get_area_and_density(mask_layout.top_cell, layer_infos) wafer_area = pi * mask_layout.wafer_rad**2 # Use circular wafer area instead of rectangular bounding boxes layer_areas_and_densities = { name: {"area": round(area, 2), "density": round(area / wafer_area * 100, 2)} for name, area, _ in zip(*area_data) } mask_json = { "layer_areas_and_densities": layer_areas_and_densities, } with open(export_dir_for_face / (subdir_name_for_face + ".json"), "w") as f: json.dump(mask_json, f, cls=GeometryJsonEncoder, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
[docs] def export_mask(export_dir, layer_name, mask_layout, mask_set): """Exports a mask from a single layer of a single face of a mask set. Args: export_dir: directory for the files layer_name: name of the layer exported as a mask. The following prefixes can be used to modify the export: * Prefix ``-``: invert the shapes on this layer * Prefix ``^``: mirror the layer (left-right) mask_layout: MaskLayout object for the cell and face reference mask_set: MaskSet object for the name and version attributes to be included in the filename """ invert = False if layer_name.startswith("-"): layer_name = layer_name[1:] invert = True mirror = False if layer_name.startswith("^"): layer_name = layer_name[1:] mirror = True top_cell = mask_layout.top_cell layout = top_cell.layout() layer_info = resolve_default_layer_info(layer_name, mask_layout.face_id) layer = layout.layer(layer_info) tmp_layer = layout.layer() if invert: wafer = pya.Region(top_cell.begin_shapes_rec(layer)).merged() disc = pya.Region(circle_polygon(mask_layout.wafer_rad).to_itype(layout.dbu)) layout.copy_layer(layer, tmp_layer) layout.clear_layer(layer) top_cell.shapes(layer).insert(wafer ^ disc) if mirror: wafer = pya.Region(top_cell.begin_shapes_rec(layer)).merged() layout.copy_layer(layer, tmp_layer) layout.clear_layer(layer) top_cell.shapes(layer).insert(wafer.transformed(pya.Trans(2, True, 0, 0))) layers_to_export = { layer} path = export_dir / (get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout) + f"-{}.oas") _export_cell(path, top_cell, layers_to_export) if invert: layout.clear_layer(layer) layout.copy_layer(tmp_layer, layer) layout.delete_layer(tmp_layer)
[docs] def export_docs(mask_set, filename=""): """Exports mask documentation containing mask layouts and parameters of all chips in the mask_set.""" file_location = str(mask_set._mask_set_dir / filename) with open(file_location, "w+", encoding="utf-8") as f: f.write("# Mask Set Name: {}\n".format( f.write("Version: {}\n".format(mask_set.version)) for mask_layout in mask_set.mask_layouts: f.write("## Mask Layout {}:\n".format(mask_layout.face_id + mask_layout.extra_id)) mask_layout_str = get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout) f.write(f"![alt text]({mask_layout_str}/{mask_layout_str}-mask_graphical_rep.png)\n") f.write("### Number of Chips in Mask Layout {}\n".format(mask_layout.face_id + mask_layout.extra_id)) f.write("| **Chip Name** | **Amount** |\n") f.write("| :--- | :--- |\n") for chip, amount in mask_layout.chip_counts.items(): if amount > 0: f.write("| **{}** | **{}** |\n".format(chip, amount)) f.write("\n") f.write("___\n") f.write("## Chips\n") for name, cell in mask_set.used_chips.items(): path = os.path.join("Chips", name, name) with open(mask_set._mask_set_dir / (path + ".json"), "r") as f2: chip_json = json.load(f2) f.write("### {} Chip\n".format(name)) f.write(f"[{path}.oas]({path}.oas)\n\n") f.write(f"![{name} Chip Image]({path}.png)\n") f.write("\n") f.write("### Chip Parameters\n") f.write("| **Parameter** | **Value** |\n") f.write("| :--- | :--- |\n") cls_name = chip_json["Chip class name"] if cls_name is not None: # otherwise it is a manually designed chip without class name or pcell parameters cls_mod = chip_json["Chip class module"] params_input = chip_json["Chip parameters"] cls = getattr(import_module(cls_mod), cls_name) # get defaults and update ones with input params = cls().pcell_params_by_name() params.update(params_input) params_schema = cls.get_schema() for param_name, param_declaration in params_schema.items(): f.write( "| **{}** | {} |\n".format( param_declaration.description.replace("|", "|"), str(params[param_name]) ) ) f.write("\n") f.write("### Other Chip Information\n") f.write("| | |\n") f.write("| :--- | :--- |\n") # launcher assignments launcher_assignments = Chip.get_launcher_assignments(cell) if len(launcher_assignments) > 0: f.write("| **Launcher assignments** |") for key, value in launcher_assignments.items(): f.write("{} = {}, ".format(key, value)) f.write("|\n") # flip-chip bump count bump_count = chip_json["Bump count"] if bump_count > 0: f.write(f"| **Total bump count** | {bump_count} |\n") f.write("\n") # layer area and density f.write("#### Layer area and density\n") f.write("| **Layer** | **Total area (µm^2)** | **Density (%)** |\n") f.write("| :--- | :--- | :--- |\n") for layer, area_and_density in chip_json["Layer areas and densities"].items(): f.write(f"| {layer} | {area_and_density['area']} | {area_and_density['density']} |\n") f.write("\n") f.write("___\n") f.write("## Links\n") for mask_layout in mask_set.mask_layouts: mask_layout_str = get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout) mask_layout_path = mask_set._mask_set_dir / mask_layout_str f.write("### Mask Files:\n") for file_name in os.listdir(mask_layout_path): if file_name.endswith(".oas"): f.write(" + [{}]({})\n".format(file_name, os.path.join(mask_layout_str, file_name))) f.write("\n") f.write("### Mask Images:\n") for file_name in os.listdir(mask_layout_path): if file_name.endswith(".png"): f.write("+ [{}]({})\n".format(file_name, os.path.join(mask_layout_str, file_name))) f.close()
[docs] def export_bitmaps(mask_set, spec_layers=mask_bitmap_export_layers): """Exports bitmaps for the mask_set.""" # pylint: disable=dangerous-default-value # export bitmaps for mask layouts for mask_layout in mask_set.mask_layouts: mask_layout_dir_name = get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout) mask_layout_dir = _get_directory(mask_set._mask_set_dir / str(mask_layout_dir_name)) filename = get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout) view = mask_set.view if view: view.focus(mask_layout.top_cell) view.export_all_layers_bitmap(mask_layout_dir, mask_layout.top_cell, filename=filename) view.export_layers_bitmaps( mask_layout_dir, mask_layout.top_cell, filename=filename, layers_set=spec_layers, face_id=mask_layout.face_id, ) # export bitmaps for chips chips_dir = _get_directory(mask_set._mask_set_dir / "Chips") for name, cell in mask_set.used_chips.items(): chip_dir = _get_directory(chips_dir / name) if view: view.export_all_layers_bitmap(chip_dir, cell, filename=name) if view: view.focus(mask_set.mask_layouts[0].top_cell)
def _export_cell(path, cell=None, layers_to_export=None): if cell is None: error_text = "Cannot export nil cell." error = ValueError(error_text) logging.exception(error_text, exc_info=error) raise error layout = cell.layout() if (layers_to_export is None) or (layers_to_export == ""): layers_to_export = {} svopt = pya.SaveLayoutOptions() svopt.set_format_from_filename(str(path)) if layers_to_export == "all": svopt.clear_cells() svopt.select_all_layers() svopt.add_cell(cell.cell_index()) layout.write(str(path), svopt) else: items = layers_to_export.items() svopt.deselect_all_layers() svopt.clear_cells() svopt.add_cell(cell.cell_index()) for _, layer in items: layer_info = layout.layer_infos()[layer] svopt.add_layer(layer, layer_info) svopt.write_context_info = False layout.write(str(path), svopt) def _get_directory(directory): if not os.path.exists(str(directory)): os.mkdir(str(directory)) return directory
[docs] def get_mask_layout_full_name(mask_set, mask_layout): return f"{}_v{mask_set.version}-{mask_layout.face_id}{mask_layout.extra_id}"
[docs] def export_junction_parameters(cell, path): """Exports a json file containing all parameter values for each junction in the given chip (as cell)""" junctions = extract_junctions(cell, {}) if len(junctions) > 0: params_json = json.dumps(get_tuned_junction_json(junctions), indent=2) with open(path, "w") as file: file.write(params_json)"Exported tunable junction parameters to {path}")