IQM Client

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IQM Client#

Client-side Python library for connecting to an IQM quantum computer.


IQM client is not intended to be used directly by human users. For executing code on an IQM quantum computer, you can use for example the Qiskit on IQM library.

If you want just this library, though, you can install it from the Python Package Index (PyPI):

$ pip install iqm-client


Documentation for the latest version is available online. You can build documentation for any older version locally by cloning the Git repository, checking out the corresponding tag, and running the docs builder. For example, to build the documentation for version 15.4:

$ git clone
$ cd iqm-client
$ git checkout 15.4
$ tox run -e docs

tox run -e docs will build the documentation at ./build/sphinx/html. This command requires the tox,, sphinx and sphinx-book-theme Python packages (see the docs optional dependency in pyproject.toml); you can install the necessary packages with pip install -e ".[dev,docs]"