class kqcircuits.squids.squid.Squid[source]

Bases: kqcircuits.elements.element.Element

Base class for SQUIDs without actual produce function.

This class can represent both code generated and manually designed SQUIDs. Thus, any SQUID can be created using code like

self.add_element(Squid, squid_type=”SquidName”, **parameters),

where “SquidName” is either a specific squid class name or name of a manually designed squid cell.

LIBRARY_PATH = 'squids'
classmethod create(layout, library=None, squid_type=None, **parameters)[source]

Create cell for a squid in layout.

The squid cell is created either from a pcell class or a from a manual design file, depending on squid_type. If squid_type does not correspond to any squid, an empty “NoSquid” squid is returned.

Overrides Element.create(), so that functions like add_element() and insert_cell() will call this instead.

  • layout – pya.Layout object where this cell is created

  • library – LIBRARY_NAME of the calling PCell instance

  • squid_type (str) – name of the squid class or of the manually designed squid cell

  • **parameters – PCell parameters for the element as keyword arguments


the created squid cell

PCell parameters:

  • squid_type (String) - SQUID Type, default=Manhattan, choices=['NoSquid', 'Manhattan', 'QCD1', 'Sim', 'SIM1']

  • junction_width (Double) - Junction width (only used for code generated squids), default=0.02, unit=μm

  • loop_area (Double) - Loop area, default=100, unit=μm^2